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Down hole cameraWe Will Be There

Known for our high temperature camera,  Hitwell Deep Well Imaging provides call‑out service to virtually any well site in the world. If you have a problem that needs a downhole high temperature camera survey, Hitwell is capable of mobilizing qualified personnel and equipment within a 72 hour period.

International mobilization time is dependent upon country, customs/shipping/travel and availability of equipment and personnel.

The ACE™ Digital Imaging System weighs less than 250 pounds (136 Kg) making mobilization easy and inexpensive for our clients. The Hitwell system includes one surface unit, two high temperature oil well cameras, light heads, spare parts and tools. Contact Hitwell for a call‑out quote. Hitwell quotes are based on the required information located in this section.

Hitwell Call‑out Service

High Temperature CameraPlanning for success and providing your operation the most cost effective quote is the first and most essential part of the call‑out process. The more information provided to Hitwell Deep Well Imaging, the better chance for achieving success. A borehole camera survey is often times a last resort, so give us all the “dirty details” and equip us to get the job done. Please use the following information guide when considering using Hitwell Deep Well Imaging’s call‑out service.

Obtain Well Information

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Wellbore I.D. & restrictions
  • Fluid Status (obtain a sample) –  for optimum viewing clarity – fluid filtered to 2-3 microns.
  • Depths
  • Survey goals
  • Methods required for obtaining viewable fluids
  • Gases – concentration of H2S or CO2


Job Preparation

The following information outlines the equipment needs for a downhole imaging survey:

  • Wireline equipment – truck or skid unit
  • Wireline type – length, O.D., number of conductors, resistance and capacitance
  • Centralizers – provided by wireline company or Hitwell
  • Weight bars – provided by wireline company
  • Cable head crossover – our ACE™ camera fits a GO pin cablehead with 1-3/16”-12 UN threads
  • Encoder connection – type of encoder, pin layout, and power requirement, if any
  • Type of wireline connection in the logging unit
  • AC voltage requirements


Mobilizing High Temperature Camera System and Personnel

  • Survey date(s)
  • Mobilization – Hitwell personnel and equipment are mobilized from Lexington, KY, U.S.A. Hitwell will send qualified personnel to conduct a survey.
  • Equipment & customs clearance – For scheduling an international call‑out service, it may be necessary to determine the amount of time for the downhole high temperature camera equipment to clear international customs stops.


US Operations – Hitwell “TWIC® Credentialed” Service Operators –  The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program is a Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Coast Guard initiative in the United States. The TWIC program provides a tamper-resistant biometric credential to maritime workers requiring unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities, outer continental shelf facilities, and vessels regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, or MTSA, and all U.S. Coast Guard credentialed merchant mariners.