About Us

down hole camera systemsUnconventional Entrepreneurs

We at Hitwell Deep Well Imaging are “unconventional entrepreneurs.” We are a “creative engineering” firm that manufatures and sells high temperature, high pressure, down hole camera systems. Our people, our culture, and what we do is important to us.
We aspire to be:
• Customer-focused
• Responsive
• Expedient
• Entrepreneurial
• Technically excellent
• Easy to do business with



High Tech DesignersDown Hole Cameras

We are a design/manufacturing, sales and service company and recognize that the service and the systems we provide to our energy sector customers are not only the sum of what we do – they are our passion. We have created the best down hole camera systems through constant research and development of new video technologies, measurement applications and well survey techniques. We collaborate with our clients, customers and colleagues in the oil/gas/geothermal industries about what they require from Hitwell in a mechanical inspection, production enhancement and well integrity.



Geothermal Camera SupportDown hole Camera systems

Hitwell maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts and supplies. We know that the energy industry does not recognize “banker’s hours”, and we strive to provide technical support 24 hours a day, almost all year around. When a customer needs a repair or upgrade, we can offer fast repair or exchange. Our call out support is the best in the business as well and we can send a team anywhere in the world.



EngineeringHigh temperature cameras

Do you have a specific well or equipment need that requires an engineering change to our “ACE” systems? We can adapt our tools to fit your requirements! Our team of engineers are from the top of their class but have years of experience in the field as well. Our geothermal camera systems can be engineered for your specific needs.