Geothermal Wells: What Are They And How Are They Made?

Geothermal wells are intensely hot and can exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because geothermal wells produce fluid which is heated by the earth itself. The fluids that are gathered from wells that are at a hotter temperature are often used for electrical power generation whereas the cooler geothermal fluids are used for hot tubs and spas, food processing, snow melting, space heating, and aquaculture. This why a geothermal camera for wells therefore have to be designed for high pressure and high temperature.

Geothermal wells are drills utilizing the location of water-dominated, high-temperature reservoirs, which are then drilled into using rotary drilling rigs and other conventional drilling equipment. A geothermal camera for wells and a high temperature camera is used throughout the process to gather information regarding the drilling process of the well and to avoid any mishaps. For the best geothermal camera for wells, contact a geothermal camera manufacturer to ensure the best quality geothermal imaging for you and your company.

These rotary drills are circulated throughout the well as a means of bringing the remnants to the surface. By bringing the remnants of the cutting of the well to the surface, it allows the well to cool. However, the process of drilling a geothermal well differs when the drilling is done in a steam-dominated reservoir and therefore your business must adapt itself and its drilling equipment accordingly.

The geothermal wells that are dug in a steam-dominated reservoir are drilled with the use of drilling mud. The well must be drilled above the steam entry that is first anticipated. After the well has been drilled with the drilling mud, high-pressure is used along with mud in order to reduce the amount of steam produced. This is done by plugging the pore spaces as well as the fractures in the formation of the well with the drilling mud.

After the geothermal well has been drilled and a geothermal camera for wells has been used to determine the quality of the well, steel pipe is then cemented into the drill. It’s important to cement the steel pipe thoroughly in order to prevent it from expanding under the heat of the geothermal fluid or from corroding.

Geothermal wells are an essential part to creating sustainable energy. For more information regarding geothermal wells and the equipment necessary to construct them, contact Hitwell.