These Are the Most Important Aspects of Well Inspection

Whether it’s a water well, an oil well, or any other type of groundwater system, inspections are of the utmost importance. Not only do they help gather information about the wells with downhole video camera services, they help determine whether or not there are any issues that need to be remedied immediately.

Given how important these inspections are, it makes sense that standards have been developed over time. Here are some of the basic elements that occur in a standard water or gas well inspection.

Organization Experience

Any organization hired to provide downhole video camera services must meet a certain set of requirements. If they are performing a well inspection, they must operate under these parameters:

  • Knowledge of local, regional, state, and federal laws concerning water well inspection, pump installation, and a number of other practices
  • Awareness of all safety protocols in any situation related to the job or working conditions
  • A base understanding of both natural and synthetic threats to any water supply
  • Technical knowledge of and experience with any pumps or connected electrical components

And these are only a few of the things that must happen before an inspection even begins. There’s much more involved when the inspection actually starts.

Inspection Requirements

When a qualified inspector is hired to operate a high pressure camera and perform a well inspection, they must complete the following tasks based on their assessment of the situation:

  • Determine the parameters of a well’s usage such as whether it’s being used for human consumption or an industrial purpose
  • Visually inspect wellhead
  • Physically and visually inspect the well system itself, as well as its working components. These include storage tanks, water heaters, and filtration equipment, to name a few.
  • Record specific information regarding the systems inspected, as well as suggestions for maintenance and a drafted schedule for future inspections

As you can see, downhole well inspections are a bit more rigorous than you might expect at first. And if a natural gas well is being inspected, it can travel thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface. But its inspection is still just as important as any other well’s.

Whether you’re having a well inspected or you’re trying to learn more, make sure your inspections are following these guidelines.